Smoke Detectors – Time to check yours!

Remember your household smoke alarms (detectors) when setting your clocks Saturday, or today. Something you may not know is a smoke alarm has a limited life span of 8 – 10 years. They now sell them with 10 year batteries so the nuisance of chirping will be prolonged and you won’t pull the batteries and disarm them, putting the occupants at risk.
Today’s modern standards require smoke alarms in more places, like in each bedroom. They are required to communicate, if one sounds they all sound. There are also 2 different types that alarm quicker in certain situations i.e. a smoldering fire vs. a hot flaming fire. Getting confusing? CPSC provides plenty of information
In addition, studies have shown that many children don’t wake to the traditional beeping of a smoke alarm. These same studies have shown that many more wake to a vocal smoke alarm with a familiar voice like that of a mother’s recorded on it. Here’s a study, Booorrrring…/118/4/1623.full. Mom or Dad yelling through a speaker works better than the beep.
I would like any contradictory feedback from fire professionals or anyone interested in this. Be safe. Keep those little ones safe. Now go change your batteries before reading the references.