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Call to schedule a home inspection with our ASHI inspector in Dunkirk, MD today. Our prices are based on the size and other particulars of the home, not a percentage of the price of the entire property.

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Square footage and age are the primary basis for pricing home inspections. Other factors such as crawlspaces (under the house areas), number of attics and type of structure affect costs. Square footage is the total usable (not just finished) area of the home, excluding the garage, crawlspace(s) and attic(s). So, a home with a footprint of 25 X 40 = 1000 sq. ft, two stories = 2,000, one story with a full basement = 2,000, 2 story with a full basement =3,000, etc.

SERVICE Approximate Cost 
Condominium Inspection Interior Only, (1 Bedroom/1Bathroom.No Furnace/air Handler or Water Heater) 375.00
Single Dwelling Home Inspection < 1700 SQ. FT (May be slightly adjusted for smaller homes) 400.00
Single Dwelling Home Inspection 1701 – 2500 SQ. FT 425.00
Single Dwelling Home Inspection 3001 – 3500 SQ. FT 475.00
Single Dwelling Home Inspection 3501 – 4000 SQ. FT 550.00
Single Dwelling Home Inspection over 4000 SQ. FT CALL
Extra Areas or Systems (e.g. 2nd kitchen, crawlspaces, multiple attics, multiple HVAC units By case
Water Test (Bacteria/Chemicals/Lead)

No Inspection

Water Test (Bacteria/Chemicals/Lead) With Inspection 125/165/225
Well Shock and test Bacteriat 295.00
Septic Test (Tracer Dye) W/Inspectiont 70.00
Septic Test (Tracer Dye) No Inspectiont 125.00
Radon Test W/Inspection 150.00
Radon Test No Inspection 185.00
Mold Screening Call
Termite  (Depending on area and weekday/end 35.00 – 75.00
Energy Tune-Up Analysis… Call
Active Military, Police and Firefighter Personnel discounts on some services 10%
Additional distance surcharge may apply if > 50 miles one way from Dunkirk, MD 20754 30.00

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Some services may be provided by other sources.

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